TN Whitewater Rafting

whitewaterOur Cabin Rental in East Tennessee is located on the Watauga River, which is a renowned NC and TN Whitewater rafting river. Perfect for the entire family, the Watauga River whitewater rapids are dam controlled, and from the spring to fall seasons the waters are just right for enjoying a Tennessee Whitewater Rafting Trip. First time rafters love rafting the Watauga River as the rapids are calmer, making for a more relaxing adventure.

The biggest rapid on the Watauga River is the Anaconda, a class III rapid, and most of the rapids are only class II and class III rapids. Large groups enjoy TN whitewater rafting on the Watauga River and many of the commercial rafting trips provide a nice cooked lunch to enjoy while you spend the day on the water.

The most popular put in spot on the Watauga River is located in Carter County and is found downstream from the TVA managed Wilbur Dam. Rafters can float the Watauga River all the way downstream to the "take-out" spot which is approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours away (rafting time) to the other side of Elizabethton. Taking you through some phenomenal mountain scenery, while rafting the Watauga River you'll get to see the area known as the Bee Cliff, float past the Siam Old Steel Bridge, and gaze out at the Carter Mansion which towers on the hillside. The distance from the put in spot at Wilbur Dam and the take out spot at Blackbottom near Elizabethton TN is seven miles; the perfect distance for a leisurely white water rafting experience.

Our East Tennessee Vacation Rental in the mountains is located right along the Watauga River and close to all of the fun Things to Do in the Northeast Tennessee Mountains. Book your trip today and stay in our cozy Watauga Lake Rentals on the Watauga River and you'll be staying right in the heart of some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the region. Get ready for rest, relaxation, and plenty of fun as outdoor activities like white water rafting, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking abound.